38: Mom Honored by the Governor's Office

Mom receiving her award from Governor Bullock

Mom received a state award from the governor for her more than two decades of volunteer service on our ambulance. She's kind of amazing--she has covered more calls than anyone in the history of our ambulance service--by probably close to 1,000 calls.

My kids were really excited to go over and then they moved Azia's game in all the shuffling of activities because of the winter weather, and Israel's state drama conference conflicted, so it ended up just being me and the boys making the trip over. Zayda got left at home at the last minute, too, since she probably wasn't too enthusiastic about the road trip and since I didn't have any older kids with me I didn't have anything to do with her while Gwen and I had lunch at the governor's mansion with Mom after the ceremony. We still had a group of the grandkids there, but I wish I could have brought them all over. It's fun that she got recognized for the amazing service she's been giving to our community for so long.

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