Zayda: 6 Months!

Halfway through the first year...that's how long it has taken me to upload any of these pictures I take every month. :)

She's still smiley and happy as ever and enjoys putting whatever she can get her hands on into her mouth. She prefers food these days, but really isn't that picky– mom's work papers or her toes are entertaining, too. Her hands work really well and she grabs everything.

She got really determined to roll over about three months ago and finally figured out how to do it (both ways) after a few days of frustration. And then she never cared to do it again. After she mastered it she was pretty content to hang out wherever you left her. It's just in the last couple weeks she's decided to start moving around and doesn't stay where you put her. She also no longer likes lying down (unless she has something to play with) but would rather sit up and look around and be involved in what's going on. She has babbling sprees where she gives long monologues about really important things. I don't really understand any of it, but she reminds me a little of her brother Israel when she's in her talkative moods.

She just gets more and more fun to hang out with everyday.

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