245: painting

We need to switch the bedrooms around and since we were taking all the furniture out to figure out how to get two beds in here inside of one, I wanted clean new paint. This was supposed to happen months ago, and the boys and I had cool designs figured out for the walls. And then like all of the other things I hoped to get done this summer it didn't happen. Since we desperately need to get our house functional so people have places to sleep and put clothes away, we decided to use leftover paint we had here and keep the same basic stripe and just get it done. We're just moving from grey walls to white and from a maroon stripe to a red one-- but basically the room won't look too new or excitingly different. Still, I've convinced the boys it will look cool and it really cuts down quite a lot on the time we need to get it painted with less priming and no outlining new designs and those sorts of things. Since I have too many other projects I'm trying to get done simultaneously, I just left this crew in charge of getting it painted. It sort of worked. Azia's attention to detail (or lack thereof) was really quite hard on my latent OCD, and I probably won't be able to look at the corners and trim and all the spots where the wrong color ended up on the ceiling, but at least it's getting done. I don't venture into the boys' end of the hall much anyway.

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