242: First Fall Football Road Trip

Zoran taking a break from watching football and his own sideline football games to hang out with his sister so I could take some pictures. (He actually came and asked if he could take her for awhile.) After this Azia took her and feed her. It's so nice for both me and Zayda that she has such great siblings.

We had a super long road trip (3+ hours, one way) to start off the football season. I was surprised my younger kids actually wanted to go. We almost decided not to at the last minute, but then they were sad they were going to miss Israel's first football game of the year. I actually don't mind the drive to Eureka, at least I wouldn't it I was someone who liked drives at all. It's really pretty getting there and the town is in a great area. . . if it only wasn't three hours away. Although having kids that want to do sports in rural Montana is improving my hatred of driving. My kids are so much better at road trips than I am. They like going places and they're all getting pretty knowledgeable about Montana geography, too. Lex likes to memorize the order of little towns along each long route. They're all collecting favorite stops in some of the towns we pass through more often.

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