226: Lex the Bike Rider

Lex made me crazy last summer because he had zero interest in riding a bike. I thought he'd want to ride around with all the other boys once Iyezk learned, but the most he wanted to do was coast down the hill (so he didn't have to peddle) and then throw the bike at the bottom when he was done. This summer when Michael moved into town all the kids started riding back & forth to their new house and Lex wanted to do that. I told him I didn't want him going across town on a bike with training wheels because he was too slow to keep up. Then told me he could ride it without them and started bugging me to take them off. (But he'd always remember this when we were somewhere nowhere near the bike, so for weeks I didn't actually do it.) Then a few weeks ago he came up missing when the kids were supposed to be doing jobs, which is nothing new, but when I finally found him, he was walking back across the field with Bryce and Iyezk. They all informed me they'd just had to take a few minutes to teach Lex how to ride a bike down at the baseball field. They had a smaller one without training wheels so they took him down there so he could learn and explained pretty much he knew how to do it anyway so it didn't take long.

A couple weeks ago I finally had Israel take of the training wheels. Then a few days later I came outside and Lex was speeding down the driveway on his training wheel-less bike. Apparently he does know how to ride a bike. How nice to have cousins to help keep you up to speed on this sorts of skills.

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