187: powow spectators

I feel a little bad that we (or I ) sort of dropped the ball on powwow season this year. We don't spend a ton of time at powwows, but my kids usually dance a little bit in at least three or four every year. I think at this point everyone needs new outfits except maybe Lex. Azia hasn't had moccasins that fit for almost two years now. Though we remembered this year at Arlee that we bought most of what we needed to make them last year at the Arlee Powwow. Zoran did wear his outfit for the school powwow this year, but then as I was looking at pictures I realized that was the same one I made him for his first year of Headstart. He was four. I guess there some advantages to being the poor kid who never seems to grow. It is getting kind of small so tried to convince him to at least wear Lex's (which I made for Lex last year when he was four also, but Lex at four was substantially bigger than Zoran was at four), but, he just preferred to wear his own.

So this year they were just spectators at the powwow. That works, too.

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