80: my buddy for the week

He arranged the bed for us so we could lounge around while working. . . he knows I am fond of many pillows.

I've found it quite difficult to get Lex to school when I'm not driving to work. Preschool is great and all, but apparently not quite great enough for me to allocate the hours and the gas money for two 40-mile round trips a day. Also, sleeping in till 8:30 or 9:00 is much more exciting for me than I should probably admit.

So, he sleeps in till about 10:00, watches a little TV or plays games for an hour or so while I grade papers, we go do errands in town, make dinner, he hangs out with everyone else when they get home from school, and then after everyone else goes to bed he hangs out with me  in my bedroom, drawing pictures and typing things on the ipad while I do more work or sits at his little desk that he has beside mine working on his projects while I'm working at my computer . . . till like 2:00am.

He's actually pretty great company. Of course, our schedule may need some work once we have to show up at our respective schools on time again . . .

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