79: Movie Date

Lex was really excited a couple months ago when he saw the previews for the Oz movie. He's been wanting to go ever since. A couple weeks ago Azia went with my mom and Gwen's girls and of course he was a bit disappointed he didn't get to go. He's been hanging out with me a lot the last few days and I had mentioned something about trying to go when Azia went. Every day he keeps asking "Today could we go?" Today I needed to pick up some things in Missoula and the weather was supposed to be so bad we cancelled softball, so I decided today we should just go.

Movies in the middle of the day with only one child are much less chaotic and inexpensive than the once-a-year family movie viewing we usually do. I thought Lex and I were going to have the entire theater to ourselves but then a pair of seniors also showed up. (They were double thrifty–getting the matinee and the senior discount. I'm resolving right now to go to more movies by the time I qualify for the senior discount. Though it would be nice to have the time or money to do that a little more in the next 30 years as well.)

Also, I must find a way to go grocery shopping in the middle of the day. It makes my most awful chore ever at least 25% more bearable when there are no other people in the  store. Although I still have to figure out how you actually afford to buy groceries if you go to the grocery store in the middle of the day rather than to work.

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