285: haircut

I convinced Lex to let me cut his hair tonight. This is sort of what the experience felt like. (photo by Azia)

I think it was a good decision overall, because I did shave off the "grey" he added sometime last Saturday morning as we were getting ready for soccer. Though he wouldn't tell me what he used, I suspect it was the white spray paint that was in the laundry room. When I noticed his white hair up at the soccer fields I asked if he did something to it. He said yes he had because, as he explained, "I wanted to look like an old guy." He wouldn't give me any additional information.

I was fine with the grey being gone, but the downside is that you can more clearly see the gash in his head just behind his hairline. The other day when cruising around in the handicapped scooter in the driveway he took a corner too fast and bailed off the back– you know, typical head injury for a four-year-old.

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