284: "If they'd just apply themselves. . ."

My children's conflicted relationship with school continues to drive me crazy.  Both Israel and Azia came home after getting their scores for last year's testing and they thought it was hilarious because they both did "better than all the smart kids!" I got annoyed at them and tried to explain that there is no reason they couldn't be the smart kids. But that seems to be more about being a part of a social group smart enough to have good habits rather than any assessment of existing innate intelligence, and they both ignored me and went on to clarify they even did better than the "really smart" kids.

I really think that it would be much smarter of them to just do the work that the teachers give them. But Azia often doesn't find that very interesting; Israel explained to me after giving the good student thing a try for one quarter last year that it really was quite a lot of work to try to get good grades. It's totally different than testing (which he enjoys much more) because it's so easy and the teachers don't bother you and there isn't any homework. Israel completely topped out the reading and science sections this year. This is the second year he did that with reading even though as often as not he wasn't passing English last year.

Sometimes I think they are not related to me at all.

Especally Azia. She even topped out the math. All 300 points. Who are these children and where are the studious little obedient ones I surely deserve for all my diligent years as a student?

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