iphone+instagram: 8.17.12

We spent all day Saturday hanging out with friends, reminiscing, celebrating, catching up. . . a pretty good evening.


Lex has decided he like the watering the plants job.

Sometimes he even gets around to watering the  plants.


We've been cleaning out things and trying to de-clutter and get organized. We discovered we still have some tiny costumes in the costume box. (We didn't take them out earlier since we had so many tiny girls during the day for the last couple years.) I didn't realize Azia was so tiny when she used to be a little ballerina.

Azia's bathroom light switch has a mustache.

Of course it does.

It always amuses me when I find Azia's various drawings and things all over. This was actually from a story she wrote last year.  Her and Jenna as ninjas. (Notice their respective brown and red ponytails poking out of their ninja suits.)

Fake particle board furniture makes me sad. I decided I'd attempt to paint this bright red instead. I haven't finished the project so it's still up in the air whether I've totally destroyed it or improved it.


I started trying to find the kids school shoes. Zoran spent the day trying to decide between two pairs we ordered from Zappos. Two pair that are almost the same, almost the same as each other and almost the same as the pair he picked out for last year. At least he knows what he likes.

Just a one last week till everyone is back at school. . .

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful pictures, thank you :-)