226: our diminishing Dam

August means lots of hot weather here which means lots of irrigating. That means our favorite swimming spot is disappearing.

Or maybe just changing. Today the little boys were pretty excited to explore all the new areas that were under water last week. Lex even told me on the way up there, "Mom, you should see it. Someone moved our jumping rocks up out of the water." And his older brother just shook his head, "Oh Lex, the water just went down. It just looks like someone moved the rocks. Really they're in the same place." As we pulled up, got out, and were walking down to the water Lex sprinted ahead of us and Zoran leaned over to me and said, "Mom, when I was really little I used to think that, too. He'll learn."

It must be good to have an older brother to teach you how the world works.

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  1. Rose Mansell8/20/12, 9:04 AM

    Crazy to think the kids and I were jumping off the rock there just a couple of weeks ago! Wow!