iPhone + instagram: 7.13.12

so many adventures just outside the front door. . .

The kids are enjoying summer. I'm so awful at keeping any sort of routine in the summer. And they love it. None of my children have ever been those type of people who take comfort in the regularity of things. Maybe this is my fault for never keeping regular schedules when they where younger, but now regular bedtimes, mornings, and school days make them so grumpy. Hopefully we can work on changing that, but its nice to see them keeping themselves busy all through the long summer days with things they enjoy.

Among the summer adventures has been Azia's quest to make herself into a mermaid. . .

Boys. . . I told the to get out of the car and when I didn't hear them behind me, turned around to see this:

A few other goings-on this week. . .

Missoula Kids' Marathon

The kids run the marathon over the course of a month or two, keep a log of their miles, and just finish their last mile or so all together the morning before the real marathon.  (This is my sort of marathon!)

It's a great idea to keep kids moving and let them be involved in the marathon weekend.

Sunday I ran the marathon relay with a group of friends. (Erin ran the whole thing. . . we were her support crew, running various chunks of the race with her.) Afterward we had food at the Iron Horse.

and the next day...

A Silverwood trip

complete with a train robbery
And kids and water
and more water

 all sort of rides
and a late night picnic beside the highway when everything was closed by the time we left.
Zoran found a nice friend while waiting to attempt to order food

the other event of the week. . .

Azia turned 10

Azia & Keilana

We aren't having her party for a couple days but we finally started planning it.

Yes you can bake cupcakes in teacups! :)

 We also went up to the Lake for the evening

followed by a late Pizza Hut dinner

and some sky lanterns at once it got dark.

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