Day 265: soon I will get to mopping & laundry

Not much of that cleaning happened today, but I did finish some sewing projects, so Lex was much more prepared for Powwow today than he was yesterday. He couldn't fit into his outfit from last year (which was a hand-me-down from Zoran). He actually doesn't even really Zoran's current one either,  so I finally made him something of his own.  He picked out the material, so of course it is orange, his favorite color. There's a bit of red too which he sometimes likes nearly as much as orange. I'd feel a little bad about him being the youngest boy and always getting all the second-hand clothes, but I'm pretty sure this is the last year he'll be smaller than Zoran. He probably isn't destined for a childhood of second hand clothes. Not that it would bother him since he rarely wears any clothes at all anyway.

(And I got Ahni's shawl done, too!)

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