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You can tell summer is getting near when bedtime bathing/ showering becomes less about routine and more about necessity. . . so as not to have beds full mud and grass and dirt of all varieties.


Movie night with the boys! This was actually a few weeks ago (all these were a few weeks ago. . . I only got as far as uploading them last Friday, didn't quite make it to publishing). We actually missed the first few minutes because as we were trying to leave Mom and I had to go on an ambulance call because no one else in town responded. After a quick trip to Dixon we ended up not having to go to the hospital so we rushed back to get ready. And then got another ambulance call.

She sent me to get her van and the boys, and her and Dad took the patient to the hospital in the ambulance. We picked her up at the ER in Ronan on our way to the movie in Polson. And we got to watch a superhero movie with this gang, which I'm pretty positive is many times better than watching it by yourself. So, I suppose it all worked out.


Azia with one of the flowers from my Mother's day bouquet.

And the boys enjoying drinks and the sunset under my mother's day present. I still haven't tried it out. Probably because I'm pretty sure I haven't had time to sit down outside at all in the last few months. One more week till summer break. . .


Breeze, Azia & Jenna and I made a Dairy Queen stop after their last softball game of the year. I loved Azia's little team this year. The girls are so much fun, and they all did so well, especially for so many of them just playing for the first time. I'm  a little sad their season is over.


James and Lex taking a break on their bug hunt.

I went with Lex's class on their field trip to Mission Dam to find some bugs. (They'd been studying bugs.) I've never seen so many kids so excited about bugs. It was pretty cute. They actually found quite a lot of bugs and the searching keep them busy for a few hours.


I have a lot of cats. They're everywhere. Last week they suddenly discovered they didn't have to stay in their little laundry basket. It would be sort of cute if it wasn't like my crazy cat women nightmare coming true.

They follow me everywhere, climb everything (including me) and spend lots of the day and night attacking each other. Very soon they need to find a new home. 


It's been raining quite a lot lately.

I actually don't mind it. I like the rainy weather and it seem appropriate for May.

And my kids like it because it gives them an excuse to use umbrellas.


Azia doesn't do homework anymore since I decided it wasn't worth the anger it was causing me to monitor whether she was staying caught up. I have no idea what she is doing most of the time she's at school or what her grades look like. No one has contacted me about her doing fourth grade again next year.  The last day of school is tomorrow, so I'm assuming she's done enough to move on to something else next year.

The one project she does is book reports. Since she gets to design the project herself I guess it seems interesting enough to work on at home.

She spent a few evenings last week designing a giant Paul Bunyan and writing her paper about the book. I always love seeing what she comes up. (Well most of the time. I like it less when I have to clean up after her creativity.)


Lex finished Headstart:



Friday lots of children ended up at my house after school.

They were very into wheeled activities. The older kids were rollerskating and riding the scooter. (They had to go to our neighbors  "with the smooth road" . . .  no paved roads or sidewalks at our house.) Lex and Dylan got out the cars and tracks.

Dev and Israel made it back from Israel's 8th grade trip. Dev brought all the kids crystals, which apparently was exciting enough to line up for. 


On my way to work last Friday morning . . .

This is from the end of my driveway. The same view everyday, but it doesn't really get old.

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