144: Last day of Lex's first year of school

Lex is the first one done with school this year. (Israel has two more days, Zoran and Azia four, and me, nine. . . yes there is a count down happening. . . it's been a very long year.)

Lex had a really good year at Headstart. The first few days he wasn't really excited about it, and then I realized even though he has never been shy and always spent his days (literally from birth) around a whole collection of other kids, this was the first time he went somewhere new all on his own. It was good for him. He quickly made a handful of friends who he talks about constantly and he likes learning new things. Every day he'd tell me about fun things he did with his friends, things he learned, and what projects and adventures he was looking forward to with his teachers and classmates in the coming days or weeks. 

I'd be pretty happy if any of the other kids hit even one of those three. Maybe I should send them all back to Headstart next year.

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