142: my workers

I went for a mini-run and had this plan where I was going to take a break to watch Modern Family because it was the season finale (even though I have yet to see one episode all year) and catch up on my email for that hour or so before taking a shower and going back to my office to work.

And then the next thing I knew some annoying theme song from some Disney channel tween show was waking me up and it was almost 10:00 pm. I guess I missed the entire season of Modern Family, and apparently my kids prefer the Disney channel anyway. The nice thing was this is what I woke up to: all three younger kids working together on Azia's book report project. So much better than them covering my entire kitchen & dinning room with three full boxes of cheerios, or making a wall of toilet paper by dropping many, many rolls from the living room balcony to the ground below, or playing naked baseball in the front yard (not that any of those things have ever happened when the kids made it home from school before I made it home from work; they especially wouldn't have all happened this week. . . )

They fight quite a lot, but I love that they really do, for the most part, like hanging out together. They wanted to come work with me (before the totally falling asleep part) and crammed their posterboard and themselves on floor beside my bed where I laid down with my laptop even though we have 3-4 big tables and three rooms with wide open hard wood floors spaces that probably would have made the job easier. Instead they all worked together for a few hours (without any adult guidance or direction) designing and creating a pretty cool life size Paul Bunyan.

I was pretty proud of them. So, of course I will claim that I purposely didn't help with the project because it's very important to me that my kids are independent.

(That is completely true. It's also sounds much better than "I didn't help because I preferred to nap.")

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