143: my old fashioned phone

We still have a land line at our house,  though I'm not sure why. I have no really solid justification for keeping it if we switched to some other company for internet since we have four (yes 4!) cell lines and we cannot seem to actually keep track of any of the house phones. We have three or four receivers but none of them have been hung up anywhere for a few months. I'm not really a good person to keep the phones running since I absolutely hate talking on the phone. I never answer it. I make lists of phone calls I actually need to make but put off making any of them for weeks.

I do, however, hate wasting money. Last summer I went and found a $5 phone that was not cordless so it could not be lost and so we wouldn't be paying for a phone we could never use. And then apparently I forgot about it, due to my hating the phone and all. I remembered it the other week when I couldn't find any of the phones again (and needed one to call my lost cell phone) and plugged it in. I didn't realize my younger kids had never seen a phone with a cord.

I called the home phone a few days ago when Israel wasn't answering his cell. Zoran answered and then was so distracted by the strange phone he could hardly talk to me. First he answered it but walked off and pulled the base onto the ground and hung up on me. Then he called back, "MOM, this phone is weird! It's stuck to the wall! There are cords all over! It's all tied together!"

I asked him to get Israel.

"How, Mom? This phone is stuck right here. I can't get him from here. "
and then much muffled noise and Zoran yelling
"Israel! Israel, Mom wants to talk to you! Israel can you hear me? This phone. . .the phone. .. yeah it's all stuck together. You have to talk on it right here! Yeah, I'm back in Mom's room. You have to come talk right by her bed. "
and then some crashing as he walked too far away again and dropped the phone 
"I think he's coming. Where did you get a phone like this, Mom? What's wrong with it? 

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