113: Zoran's First Baseball Game

Zoran's minors team had their first game tonight!

They beat Charlo by quite a lot. Zoran played center field and even got a hit (and a walk and a lot of stolen bases). There's quite a size difference between little first grade Zoran and the fifth graders on the team, but the little guys did great. (Even though it is a bit of adjustment for him to play outfield. He may have used the word "boring" a few times. . . not a lot of people on these teams hit it into the outfield.)


  1. Good for him! I worked for the Yankees for 8 years as the Media Liason, so I love his uniform. Thanks for being a guest judge. The link party will begin tonight so you can start looking and get me your picks by Friday. Send me an email with the entry #, project name and who it is by. Then, include comments why you liked that project and how you liked being a guest judge. For example, #5 repurposed thing by Name of blog.
    Thanks again!!! Dee, the CSI Girl

    1. Working for the Yankees?! My boy (and older boy and especially husband) would be really, really jealous! They are huge (obsessively huge) fans.