iphone: Wrestling!

I realized I have a whole collection of wrestling-related photos from the last few weeks.

Like all the tiny little wrestlers warming up at the Arlee duel in Mission a few weeks ago. (They killed Arlee! Mission won a few dozen matches, Arlee only a couple.)

Dev and Lex (with all his supplies in his backpack) heading into the Whitefish gym for the (super long!) tournament.

Iyezk and Lex entertaining each other while their brothers wrestle.

Taking a break to get lunch. . . through the snowstorm that moved in.

There is a lot of wrestling going on down there, but Lex preferred whatever he was doing on the iPad.

Bryce and Zoran checking out their medals from the previous weekend tournament.

And adding some to their collection!

Zoran only made it about a half a mile away from the gym before he was out, snuggling into his brother's Captain America blanket.  Being sick in the morning and wrestling all afternoon really wore him out.

Even all the little beginners got to wrestle on the big mats at the state meet.

 And the real highlight of the state tournament: hanging out at the hotel with cousins.

pizza party in the room
Iyezk & Lex's slumber party
Breakfast buffet!
Lex thought the indoor landscaping was his own personal forest/ jungle to explore.       

Cousins taking over the hall
and elevators..

 Middle school champs!
Israel, Tyler, & Emilio

They had all the tournament brackets updated live online. A screenshot of Israel's last three matches: all first round pins!

packing up and heading home. . . end of wrestling season for this year

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