53: doorways

I gave Azia what I thought was an easy task: dump half the magazines we save in our cut up/ project crate into the garbage. We're accumulating too many.

Somehow this turned into a multiple hour task that involved piles specific to certain publications, certain family members, those that still needed a closer look (which was again further divided by family members. . .)

As I looked through the doorway and saw her buried under dozens of old magazines (the whole floor covered) reading about Christmas projects and gardening tips, it was pretty clear she had no idea what her original task was anymore.

It was also pretty clear she might be related to me.


  1. Ha ha, bless. I would have done much the same thing.

  2. i've been there and done that, sweet photo...

  3. This happens to me everytime I try to organize something with pictures. It takes hours. Also, great shot!