some favorite 2011 Photos

First day of 2011. . . our family Polar Plunge, -7 down on the lake, and we had to walk across that ice in the foreground to get into the water. This year it was over 30 degrees.
Iyezk & Christina getting ready for a little skating

Lex and Superman. We've definitely been through various superhero modes and obsessions throughout the year: capes, action figures, shields, masks. . .
Azia with Tami, Zoe and Sophia during our Florida trip this spring. Yay for great friends who don't mind house guests.
Comfort and his little sister Zhane doing the orange dance at the spring Powwow at the school.

A sports picture of Zoran. I have any number of other baseball, basketball, soccer, or football pictures I could have thrown in here. This kid would play ball all day if he could.
Dev and Zoran in the Badlands

Azia on her 9th birthday. . .all outfitted and ready for her zebra-themed cheer party. We've had an awful lot of zebra stripes around here this year.
Jaspen and her little boy Jhett at her wedding this summer.
Azia hanging out at the lake.
Aodhan getting a little boost from Israel during our apple picking/ cider making day.
Sunrise at the Bison Range this fall.
Israel fighting in the Smoker. (He's already excited for this year.)
Renee, Canyon and Zoran watching Canyon's big brother wrestle.


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  1. Beautiful photos. I love the sunrise at Bison Range, and Azia has beautiful eyes. Happy new year.