3: getting organized. slowly.

I spent a large chuck of the night trying to create a new organizational system to keep meals, chores, appointments and activities for everyone all clear to everyone in the house and running smoothly. (This proves to be more complicated than you'd think--for me at least--I've been "thinking" about set ups  for like 6 months without yet exactly finding one that seems a good fit.) Anyway, I finally just decided to go with version 1.0 since we've outgrown what I had been doing and I figure I'll revamp after a few months. But before I even got it all put together Lex needed more room for drawing superheros & erased all the dates off my calendar (maybe switching to a whiteboard wasn't such a good idea for this piece). That wasn't a big deal and it seemed harmless enough to let him continue his picture.  Then I went to print the job descriptions and get the new calendar from upstairs and he continued his superhero mural down the wall. He also drew an approximately six-foot captain American shield on the living room floor.

I probably should make my first revision to the daily duties making one person's main responsibility monitoring Lex. Clearly, I'm not up to the task.

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