snow day . . . enjoying it while we can

We finally got a big dose of snow the night before the kids' first day of winter break.

Since we've had so little snow this winter (especially compared to last winter) everyone decided a sledding trip was in order. We all headed up to the Dam after school got out at noon.

Snowy Zoran

Lex still doesn't like sledding. Though when we arrived at the Dam, he looked out at all the snow and said, "Hey, are there polar bears here?" I told him I'd never seen any, but he just explained, "well it looks like there might be some polar bears. I'm going to go find them."

And he was off.

He didn't find any polar bears, but it's still a pretty great place to explore.

Perfect sun. Perfect snow. Lots of great company.

Christina and Eldon practiced a little frolicking.

And a beautiful sunset to end the day.

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