Lex's day at the Dentist

This is probably the highlight of the day today for both Lex and me. He had an awful lot of dental work done. So, most of the rest of the day he was screaming, fighting, crying or just generally trying to escape. It was really awful.

He has always hated the dentist (all of the two of his four years we've been going) and he's never even had any work done until today. At his checkup last month he cried when I woke him up in the morning to go (and much of the way to Missoula) and all they were doing was looking at his teeth. He wouldn't even let them clean them.

I kept waiting, thinking it would get better, but I actually think it's getting worse. I didn't want to put it off anymore because I didn't want the cavities he had to start hurting him or them to get so bad we'd just have to pull the teeth.

All the screaming and fighting did wear him out enough to take about a three hour nap, but then he woke up again and his mouth was hurting him but he didn't want to take any medicine. Taking medicine is another thing that traumatizes him. He refuses to take any kind and if he needs anything ultimately (after hours of trying other methods) you just have to restrain him and force him to take it  while he screams.

He really needs to just stay healthy, because all these treatments of various kinds are traumatic all on their own.

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