iPhone Photo Dump

I'm accumulating a multiple week collection of phone photos here! These are all from two-three weeks ago before I switched out phones and lost whatever small resemblance to organization I had. I'll have to see what I have on my phone from this last week tomorrow.
Chaos has slowed down a little bit. The weather has been less nice and we've had less daylight to do much outside.

School is taking up a lot of time for everyone.

Lex has been reading a lot of Stephen King lately. Not sure why this is his favorite book the last few days. He reads it often. It takes him about 45 seconds. Then he tells me he finished it and puts it back on the shelf.

He is a very fast reader.

It's probably all the practice. He enjoys reading in bed, too. Sleeping there, not so much these days. 

The kids all spent Thursday evening reading through our veterans books and picking out parts to put together for our video for veterans day.

 It's sort of cool that three of the four read now. (Well, Lex also reads according to him.)


Israel has a few basketball games a week these days.
Lex is more interested in taking photos with my phone and playing with Cora than watching basketball. Zoran loves basketball, but apparently doing math for fun is more fun than watching his brother play. He does like to go play with his dad at "old man's gym." Last winter he'd take a basketball with him and go to the fitness center while I was working out. He's spend the entire time shooting and counting how many he got in. I wish my other kids had his persistence and determination. Maybe they've just not found anything they care enough about. (Zoran has the opposite problem and cares too much about nearly everything.)

The other day when we came home from Israel's basketball game there was pizza on the kitchen table and stuff for rootbeer floats in the freezer. A pretty nice surprise.


Captain American still hangs out here and protects everything. When he isn't breaking everything.

Or doing crafts with his sister:

Or hanging out at Headstart:

 He's a very busy guy.


The downfall to the winter weather is always the dangerous winter driving:

We've responded to a few wrecks with the ambulance already that looked pretty bad, but luckily no one has been hurt.


Lex spent a whole morning getting his teeth fixed last week. It was really, really awful. He hates the dentist so it was awful before, awful while we were there, awful the whole rest of the day because everything hurt that they'd fixed.
waiting room, running away to lay on the floor in the office rather than let me give him ibuprofen (he was sure it was just more torture), checking out his new teeth in the mirror when we got home, looking at his new bears from his dentist (not sure why he got two?)
 Hopefully, we'll not have to do this again soon.

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