Lex's Art

So he didn't go with the more typical newly-four-year-old graffiti of sneakily writing his own name all over (and then, of course, later denying that it was him).

Still, I recognize his nose-less people and his particular choice of supplies. He always chooses Sharpies when drawing on walls and furniture. This is very logical because I only buy washable markers (other than the Sharpies for me that I apparently don't hide well) and when he uses those his pictures just too easily wash away.  He's pretty happy about the matching purple Sharpie nose-less people he drew all over his toybox a few weeks ago. They don't come off either.

I would be very angry about this, except it just highlights and reminds me that I clearly didn't get to the repainting this summer. . . or the learning how to replace sheetrock corners. My whole house is looking like this right now & it's really disgusting--none of that grime and grossness washes off: holes, scuffs and dents in the sheetrock, bright pink paint, old Sharpie art, lots of dirt so stuck on that the paint comes off before it does. I may just have to paint over the dents for now. . . at least it would be cleaner.

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