Sometimes I forget to actually get the phone photos off the phone . . .

My early morning soccer buddies.
I bribed Israel with a trip to the coffee shop if he'd come help me set up the fields since he didn't have football.
I thought I left Zoran to sleep in, but he dribbled across the field and showed up a few minutes after we got there. It was probably 8:15. I asked why he was there so early. He said he wanted to practice and warm up for his game. It was at 11:00.

Apples & Dad's birthday. 

Annual roundup at the National Bison Range

Jim and I went early Tuesday to stop in Ravalli for homemade doughnuts. Of course that was the one day they didn't have doughnuts ready by 7:00.

Lex brought a big cup of water upstairs to drink while he was hanging out with my in my office.  Then he spilled it all over the couch. While I went to get a towel he made it into art:

"Look what I made just for you, Mom! Is it beautiful? Do you like it a lot?"

Sometimes that kid is pretty smart.

Ambulance training . . . fun with King Tubes.

and a few more homecoming shots:

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