Day 359: Bison Range Roundup 2011

Every year the National Bison Range takes a few days in the first of October to monitor the herd at the range and keep it healthy.

I took the boys to watch the process (herding, weighing, vaccinating, tagging & sorting . . . ) for part of the afternoon yesterday and then went with the ambulance today.

I think I prefer the Roundup in those smaller doses like yesterday. Today we left when before the sun was really up and it was nearly dark by the time we got home. Much of the afternoon was dreary with occasional downpours. I think tomorrow the weather is supposed to be even worse, so I think they wanted to get as much done today as possible. So, them working till the sun went down meant we got to stick around with the ambulance till the sun went down too.

I know it isn't logical, but twelve hours of watching other people work and not being able to get any of my own work done is much more tiring than actually doing work that whole time.

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