Good Stuff: October Madness Begins

 So can we just add a few more hours to every day in October?

Maybe a few more days to the month?

I love October. The perfect weather, the fall sports, the birthday celebrations nearly every other day (and this is hardly an exageration). But, it seems we are still expected to go to work and send the kids to school those obligations really get in the way of all this good stuff.

I didn't even include any photos of me sitting for hours at my computer trying to get classes organized and layouts done for publications for the state teacher conferences this month and I still have about five times as many photos as should be included into any one blog post. So maybe on one of those extra days we're going to figure out how to add I'll find time to post things more often than once a month.

: : | : :  Israel's Football

Israel doing some offensive blocking

Mission MS Football after their win

: : | : :  UM Soccer v. Eastern Washington

 I took this crew in to watch the UofM soccer game on Friday.

I figured since they were playing soccer they should actually see some people who know how to play the game play.

The players did not disappoint!

 The kids were sort of in awe of the huge field and the skill of the players. Especially these two. They watched like this most of the game--except when they were cheering.

I love their focus, and they both play with even more focus than they watch.

The girls may not have quite the same level of focus, but they sure seem to always be having fun.

They all ended up with finger mustaches (?) and various things signed by Monte and Mo.

I'm still just getting used to how much fun it is to have older kids. It's a  different sort of fun than tiny people, but even better in a lot of ways. They are such cool people. 

And brave. The guy at HuHot told me he'd never seen any other little kid load up his plate with all these seafood options. He said he wasn't even brave enough to try it.

The girls decided they wanted to try some too.
Okay they wouldn't actually eat any of it, but their giggling is sort of infectious in the best sort of way. 

  : : | : : Another Soccer Saturday!

Zoran. . . and most of his team right behind him!

Oh how I love his intensity.

At least when it comes to soccer. The rest of the time it drives me batty and makes me scream silently many times throughout the day. On the field though, man does it makes him much fun to watch.

Making his way through all the defense. On his way to a goal!
He came up a little after 8:00 while I was getting the fields set up (dribbling his ball across the entire 200 yards or so from our fence line over to the soccer fields) and told me he came a little early to get ready for his game. His 11:00 game. He definitely had time to warm up.
And he's out in front of everyone again. I think he made at least 4 goals again this game.

Azia really likes soccer this year, too.

I think mostly because most of her team is her friends.

They're still having sort of a rough time collecting many wins, but at least they're having fun.

   : : | : : Flag Football Games

Zoran. . . with his flags nearly having on the ground! They need a smaller size!
The Saturday flag football games are warmer and better for taking pictures than the halftime games, though probably not as fun for the kids as playing at the same time as the high school kids.
Zoran ripping off flags
and running in for a touchdown!
Azia plays with the older group of kids.

She's been playing center.
and it sometimes it's hard to remember if it's flag football or tackle

I think her favorite part is playing defense. She loves rushing the passer. I'm not sure what it's called when you stop the quarter back when you are playing flag football since you don't actually "sack" anyone.

: : | : : Celebrating Fall

Zoran's was a story about a sailor

Dad's birthday was Sunday. All the kids spent the evening before making him birthday cards.

hugs from Ahni

And I already wrote about this afternoon, but I have so many photos I like, I'm throwing up a few more.

Aodhan happy with the apple Israel helped him pick.

Lettie, Ahni & Bryce running the apple press

Lex and KaNana taking a break from the apples to do a little gardening.
Jenna and Gwen straining juice

: : | : : Annual Bison Roundup

The Bison Range Roundup was the beginning of this week.

I took the boys up Monday after school. The weather was perfect for spending the afternoon at the Range.

double brother crew

Day Two Jim and I took the ambulance so we were there early, before everyone started working.

It started out so pretty.

And then it rained much of the day.

And then some poor bull fell and the crew had to take apart the entire corral to get him out and then reassemble it which was at least a two hour delay in the day's work.

And the solution they had to the way-behind problem apparently was just to work until it got dark.

It was a much longer day than I was planning on.

A long day but still not a bad day.  I start to get cranky when my hours are unexpectedly diverted to duties I wasn't planning on.

This is October after all; I don't have hours to spare!

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