Mission Homecoming 2011

It's not real serendipitous to have monsoon-like rain the whole week of Homecoming.

Last year our weather was so much better. I think the kids still had fun, but it was very wet.

The elementary kids did simple dress up days:

Monday was school picture day. (Who planned that for the same same as Spirit Week?) So, not really the day you want all the kids in the school looking crazy. I think they called it "dress your best" day or something like that. I guess that was the attempt to make another less than serendipitous happening not so lame.

 Tuesday was Tom's Shoes and crazy socks. (Azia, of course, had no idea where her Tom's shoes where so she wore her Danskos instead. I guess she was hoping since they were neutral colored too no one would notice.)

 Wednesday was Sports Teams day: the Griz & the Yankee.

For some day in the middle of the week, the middle school had nerd day. This seems like an uncomfortable look.

Mr. Blue Zoran and Ms. Red Azia
Thursday was crayola day, otherwise known as the day that undid all my explaining that just wearing every shade you have of one certain color is not technically an appropriate way to coordinate all the different pieces of your outfit. I've been working on this idea for years.

 And then of course Friday was blue & white day.

 It always involves facepainting and hair dyeing.  Poor Israel was extremely sick all Thursday night so he wasn't much into the blue & white. I kept telling him to go back to bed as he was nearly passing out at various places around the house all morning. But, he made it to school. And probably gave all sorts of other children whatever sickness he had.

Though he does have a big paw painted on him underneath that jersey, he pretty much look like this for much of the parade.

The super-rainy parade. . .

 But not even buckets of rain can dampen kindergarten enthusiasm:

The rain sort of squelched the football tailgate, too.

bbq-ing in the rain
 They moved it into the commons, but there were mounds of free food and hardly any people.

 Lex got a whole table to himself.

 But, a very bright spot in the week, a win for the football team!

The played really well against Troy and earned another win.  
Raymond ready to punt.
Dylan breaks up a pass
 And although none of the floats survived the afternoon rainstorms that poured on everyone throughout the parade, we had sort of picture perfect Homecoming royalty.

 Next year maybe we can get a little sunshine, too.

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