InstaFriday: (which again got lost on my computer & is posting on Monday. . .)

Pumpkin moonpies:  Lex found this recipe in a magazine at about 10:30 one night and insisted we make it. Right then. I finally convinced him we had to wait until the next day so we could get marshmallow creme at the store to make the filling. He did all the mixing himself. I think it was when I tried to convince him I should help with the adding of the sticking filling to the pumpkin cookies that he got mad and hid under the chair. Eventually he came out to try his cookies. Not too bad--although he probably should have let them cool a little more so they wouldn't slide a part! He didn't have a lot of patience.

 Photos by Lex:

 He is really quite good at operating the iphone (at least the camera and photo and movie viewing parts) since that all works exactly like an ipod. I'm not generally enthusiastic about letting him use my phone though, given his track record and all.

Lex refused to go to school at the beginning of the week. Then I told him he could take his brother's Captain America shield and for some reason that worked. After a half hour of refusing to get dressed, move off the bed, or even consider going to school at all, once I suggested it he jumped up and grabbed it, put on his clothes and brushed his teeth (these things are harder to do with a shield) and then carried it to school, put it in his cubbie, and was off to start his day.

And then he came home and somehow opened my washing while it was going and filled up a large part of my laundry room with foamie bubbles. A day really just isn't complete till he does something like this.
Israel packed up and left Wednesday to spent the rest of the week & weekend at the Barter Faire with Michael's family. I'd prefer not to ever let him go anywhere. I miss him after he's been gone about two hours. Not just because he's nice to have around; he is also an incredible amount of help. I have trouble getting much done when he's not around.

Party prep!
 Lex's birthday is Monday! (and his party Sunday) So the kids have been having fun getting thing ready. They enjoy this part almost as much as the party.

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