Halloween 2011

Somehow Halloween snuck up on us again. Half the decorations are still sitting in the carport in tubs and didn't get put up at all. I'm not a fan of holidays occurring when I have mid-quarter grading and my kids have end of the quarter work to make up. (Figuring out how to have them just keep up on work and not have makeup work to begin with could help with this.)

But we did fit in some pumpkin carving (or simply demolishing, in Lex's case) and we had most of the pieces of costumes together by the time the kids dressed up.

My kids still won't allow me to take photos of them together, so we have individual photos of them pasted together in a line. They can't even seem to stand near each other for long enough to snap one picture. This is as close as  I got:

One slightly blurry photo with them beating on each other and on their way out of the photo.

Azia and I went with the 50s theme. Everyone thought I was dressed as Grandma (60 years ago). I think it was the bright red lipstick and red clothes!

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I tried to convince everyone to do some sort of coordinating costumes, but the little boys didn't think any of my ideas were as cool as superheroes. Dev did join our decade right before we left that evening though. 

Lex went trick or treating with his Headstart class and then had a party there. He already had his costume stripped off by the party, but really enjoyed his piles of candy and treats.

After his party we went to the elementary to check in with Azia and Zoran.
Zoran  (Captain American on the end) and some of his superhero pals at the school costume parade.

A couple of the cousins all dressed up:

Aodhan, Paisley, Lettie & Ahni and Jenna

We stopped with the little kids to trick or treat at their yaya's classroom and later that night went to check out all Connie's decorations. (Dev found a friend there.)

Everyone at trunk or treat:

At about 11:00 that night after we got home and were all done with Halloween we found both the missing cape (we used an old one off another costume) and the missing shield. That seems to be what always happens.

And then yesterday the stores were already playing Christmas music and I'm now getting junk mail about Christmas shopping, so I guess I should I should get the Halloween stuff put away.

On to the crazy holiday season!


  1. LOVE the group shot. And Superman's little forehead curlicue is soooooo adorable!

  2. I love the costumes! What an awesome pumpkin too! Great photos as always!

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