Good Stuff: rain, rain, go away

Waiting for the Homecoming parade. . . in the rain.
This much rain just doesn't fit well with my plans for October. I love a good rainstorm now and then, but I hate this overwhelming amount lately that keeps interrupting everything.

: : Homecoming : : 

Weather and roving sickness and too many overlapping obligations and activities sort of took away from some of the Homecoming festivities this year. It was still fun, though.

The kids liked dressing up:
Azia the red. .
and Zoran the blue
The parade was fun even though all the floats were destroyed by the huge buckets of water falling from the sky and we had a few hundred small, soaking children by the end of it.
Zoran's megaphone sort of still works in the rain. . . it does seem to have collapsed a bit.
Scottie & Sydney
Also, the face painting didn't fair too well.

The boys won the football game against Troy so that was one great highlight.

And another was as all the nice looking candidates . . . and high school girls smart enough to choose stylish rainboots over heels!

 : : Working out : :

They did pull ups at school this week.  Zoran did not do the most in his grade.

Of course this wasn't really okay with him at all, so he came home determined to improve.

He was too busy with actually figuring out what sort of weight lifting would help with increasing his pullup capabilities so he was wasn't interested in me taking any photos of him. Azia and Lex, however, are much less serious about the whole thing.

And Lex likes bikes more than weights anyway.

Dev & Lex

: : Diva Run : :

So Azia generally hates running these days.

She was a great little runner when she was little. Now, there seem to be many more things that are more interesting and less work. She's hard to convince to go to a run for fun.

But, a diva run was sort of her thing.

This is what the constant week of rain did to our soccer fields, so since we couldn't have games we had the Saturday morning open and decided to head in for the run.

In addition to it only being females many of them wearing costumes) they also had giveaways and massages and crafts and kids games.

I definitely think we need to get a group and go do it again next year.

: : Lex at the Dentist

After our ongoing dentist issues with Lex (him hating the dentist, me hating dealing with his dentist office. . . a really bad combination if you need some dental attention) we finally got into his new dentist Tuesday.

Lex didn't like it and they didn't even clean his teeth, but he said it was okay after we left, so that is progress. I don't know why he hates it so much (he hasn't yet even ever had any work done!) but he started crying when I woke him up in the morning and told him he got to go to the dentist today. He got in the chair once we got there, but keep both hands over his mouth much of the time. He did let the dentist look at his teeth, but then even gagged as soon as anything touched his mouth. Hopefully this improves. 

: : Birthday Goodness

My birthday was Wednesday and Michael dropped off this present for me on the weekend:

A pretty great gift.

After work on my birthday Lex gave me these:
And then Dev made me dinner.

The next day Dev and I went to the Miranda Lambert concert with a big group of friends.

That wasn't technically a birthday present, but the girls all said I  could definitely still be celebrating my birthday and should at least get a full birthday week.

Keeping that in mind, the next evening Aspen, Renee, Janelle and I went back down to ladies night at the Runner's Edge.
A very cool little event. They had goodie bags for us, wine and all sorts of snacks, and a couple brief speakers, followed by a bunch of great giveaways of all sorts of shoes and other gear. I won a pedicure from Sorella's. Then everything in the store was on sale for everyone there, so I used my birthday gift card to buy some new running clothes.  It was another pretty great evening. Even better was Dev worked on cleaning up some of the house and baked Zoran's cupcakes for school the next day while I was gone, so I didn't have to stay up all night when I got home getting ready for the next day.

(Gwen also bought me new running shoes for my birthday, so this probably means I should be doing more running and less sitting on my couch in all my new running stuff thinking about how much easier it will be to run in all this cool new stuff rather than my old raggity stuff.)

: : Practice in the Rain

It's been hard for the soccer teams to get in any practice with the constant rain. It's really shortening our season.

My football player. The middle school goes right past where we practice soccer with the little kids so I see his crew when we're up there with the little ones.

The competitors. These boys crack me up. 

Lex and KaNana figuring out the folf course? Or maybe planning an escape route.

 The rain did eventually get so bad it cut practice short. We had so many cousins the car was overflowing so we sent Bryce and Zoran walking home. They didn't seem much bothered by the rain. 

The rest of us aren't quite as oblivious. I'm hoping we have a little sunshine for the last half of this month.

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