Good Stuff: more birthdays, fall, and sports winding down

St. Ignatius Elementary and High School

: : Volleyball

The girls had their last regular season game against Florence. So close and such a good game, but they ended up losing in five. Still, second place in our tough conference isn't too bad.

They're on to the district tournament this weekend.

 : : Zoran the Firestarter

Zoran is working on developing some fire starting skills. I love it when my kids learn how to do things-- less work for me!

: : End of the Football Season

The boys' last game was at home against Ronan. This is their first year in our conference after their drop down to Class B. They've been doing really well this year, so everyone knew it would be a tough game going in, but Mission did really well and kept it close.

The little flag football kids had their last game at half time, too.

Azia once again seemed to end up on the bottom of a pile and got a little banged up. Though she didn't really care about it, her little brother did. He is such a fierce little thing. He needs to gain a little size or one of these days he's really going to get himself in trouble. He was very upset about the "big kid" who was supposed to be helping out (sort of like an assistant to the coaches) and instead jumped in and started playing and stealing the ball.

See Zoran and River still eyeing him even as they all left the field?

 Zoran was very steamed up and angry because not only did the kid mess up the game, he also hit his sister. They came up to me right after the game and Zoran had to show me Azia's check (which was all red, though she didn't seemed too bothered about it) and he explained that the kid hit Azia and he was so big Zoran had to jump as high as he could just to hit him. Luckily this kid must not have been too bothered by an attack by a miniature-sized kindergartner, because I didn't even see any of this happen. I talked to Zoran about how it wasn't okay to punch people while playing a football game, even if they weren't quite following the rules. Still, I did think it was pretty sweet the way he wasn't going to let anyone (even if they were probably three times his weight) get rough with his sister.

: : Lex turns Four

Lex had his birthday this week.

He was so excited about his party and having his friends over.

Azia and Zoran were pretty excited about helping him get ready for the party. They love party planning and preparation.

They made paper mache dumbells for our little superheroes to lift. I was just going to make them with styrofoam, but then realized each ball was $14.99 and they weren't even very big! That was more money than I spend on actual weights, so we went this route.

They also helped with all the games and projects when the kids got here. They did ID badges with them and ran the little games. 


 Next time we do a superhero party I'll have to make sure I have enough supplies for all the "big" kids--like high school and older-- too. I think they had about as much fun making identification badges and wearing capes as the little kids. Possibly more.

Kenzie "the Terrorizer" is a supertexter.

I was also a fan of  "KaNana the Konkerer's" badge which identified her superpower as her evil stare.

Both had the same nemesis: Kyle.

Brothers can be pretty bothersome.

KaNana the Konkerer. She is very strong.

 I love all the pictures of the super sisters together:

: :  Corn and Pumpkins and Leaves

The leaves are all turning and we've also had a storms, so they're starting to fall, too.

We went out and checked out the corn maze at Bev's Bloomers since we'd never been out there before. The kids really liked it; they have all sorts of animals that they spent about a half an hour playing with.

 Mostly they just spent the whole time in the maze sprinting around crazily.

Lex spent his time looking for ears of corn. I think he thought it was a treasure hunt.

Lex arguing with one of the goats. 

Azia also got bit (or at least scratched) by one of the turkeys. 

The kids finally carved their pumpkins too. It seems like we never fit this in until the last day or so before Halloween. 

I guess that works fine since they just rot really quickly anyway.

And even before they rot, Lex is just on a mission to destroy them all. Destroying things is pretty much his thing, but pumpkins explode and smash even better than many other items, so he seems to like them even more.

 Lex is a little over-enthusiastic about carving, even with the butter knife.

His pumpkin (and most of the rest) were missing quite a lot of chunks of pumpkin by the time we were finished.

Azia shaped one of the huge holes Lex hacked into the side of the pumpkin into  an "L" for him. He was pretty impressed that he'd carved one of his letters into his pumpkin.  Big sisters are pretty good to have around sometimes. 

Only a few more October days left . . .

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