Missoula Maze

It looks like I startled them. We lost Israel and Andrew before we even started.

We decided to try the Missoula Maze at night this year.

It turns out we're probably not the strongest group as far as our maze negotiation skills, but it was still fun.

If you want to do a corn maze in total darkness with small, crazy boys I recommend covering them in glowsticks. It's a little easier to keep track of them and makes it easier for others to identify them as yours and part of the same group when they run away.

We did make it out eventually.

Israel and Andrew easily made it through, and they are sticking by the story that you are supposed to use that door labeled "staff only" to make it out and aviod the whole second half of the maze. Azia disappeared right before we left and told me it was really easy that last time she went through and before she just didn't see that one little path that took her all the way through. (She explained she completed the whole maze by herself in the 2-3 minutes we couldn't find her.) Zoran told me in the "real" way out he found you had to crawl under a few bales in sort of a tunnel and then squeeze through a couple really, really tiny passageways that were about only about half as big as him, so it was really hard. (Judging by Zoran's size, that would make these passageways about 2.7 inches wide.)

I can admit Lex and I may not have completed the entire maze, though we did the first 2/3 at least five or six times.

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