Day 269: the teenager in the house

This seems to be an important part of the daily routine if you are 13 and have trouble going to sleep at a normal time: mid-afternoon naps.

Sometimes I'll get busy with the little kid and remember I haven't seen him in awhile. This is usually what I find when I go to track him down. He's actually a great help and does a lot for me nearly every day. But, if I'm not keeping him busy, it's just too much to keep his eyes open.

Even napping, he is still prepared. If anyone texts him or he senses there may be some new episode of Pickers or Pawn Stars or an interesting documentary on Sasquatch on some channel, he has both his phone and the remote close at hand.

There are also interruptions in the napping for pipe changing a few times a day, research on TransAms and restoring them, and figuring out how to get giant 32 ounce fountain drinks or ice cream to make homemade milkshakes.

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