Day 245: Rune is going home. . .

This seems like a good image to take away from Rune's party. It can't be easy to step right into a new life, especially one filled with all sorts of children (in that new home and in a huge, always-around extended family) but you'd never guess Rune hadn't always lived with a half dozen younger siblings.

Rune's going away party was Sunday and it's going to be sad not to see him around all the time. He fit right into Michael's family so well, and it was great to have him around to teach us new things about the other side of the world. (The kids will probably want a desert with a prize buried in it at every Christmas Eve dinner now!) And also, the diversity of Mission's hairstylings just took a dramatic drop. Hopefully he'll be able to make it make it back to visit soon.

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