You Capture: Pink

The last few weeks Azia is very into roller derby. She's been skating around everywhere. The other night I noticed she had some new pink hair under her helmet. It's not a bad look for her.

If I'm looking for pink...of course Azia is going to be involved. In a house full of boys and the lone sister among three brothers, she's usually the one noticing, creating with, or wearing pink.

Azia hanging out in Yaya & Papa's apple tree. She told me their house was more fun because they had so many better trees to climb. It's only one of many reasons she finds their house more fun.
The sunset over Ninepipes on Earth Day. This is only a few miles up the road from where I usually am when the sun is setting, but the view is pretty dramatically different. The little boys noticed the bright colors as we were driving home from a baseball game.
Azia hanging out with the horses in  her sparkly hat-- the perfect accessory for her sundress and cowboy boots. She's the kind of cowgirl that wears sequins to feed the horses.


  1. Awesome pictures, especially of Azia in the tree and the sunset. Or is it a sunrise?

  2. Great shots!! I bought the same hat for my granddaugther!

  3. That pink hair is AWESOME! Great captures!

  4. I bet the horses like it when she wears the sequined hat, too. => Great shots!

  5. i love the one of her in the tree, great great color!