Day 184: Getting ready to play

Azia practicing some fielding (with a giant wad of gum)
Azia's softball team has their first game on Monday. It should be interesting. I watched the girls practice today and remembered how young they still are. They were working on things like how to throw, how to catch, where the positions in the field are, how you should run through first base. A lot of the girls haven't ever played before, so it looks like they have a lot to learn. Also, this is a team comprised of about 17 sassy nine-year-old girls. What brave and patient women their coaches must be.

Of course my favorite part of the practice was in getting dressed Azia was showing off these "booty shorts." Those are booty shorts? I asked. (My definition was a little different.) "Yes, look how short they are!" She explained that most of her shorts are below her knees, which is true, because either they are Israel's old shorts or I buy them and big and baggy just seems better. Also, that way she can wear them for about three years. I'm really enjoying that I still largely decide what clothes she owns. I'm enjoying even more that right now she considers these mid-thigh shorts super-short.

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