Day 128: Bingo for Books

Lettie, Zoran & Jack trying to keep up with Miss Connie's speedy Bingo number calling.
This is such a great annual event the schools around here have been doing the past few years. It's always well attended (the new cafeteria/ multi-purpose room was completely full) and all the kids in the community go home with hundreds of new books.

And of course it's always fun when the elementary kids bring their bingo-crazy grandmas. More than a few adults have five or six of those boards lined up in front of them. You can tell they have some outside Bingo experience...or will be starting up that hobby any day now.

I could almost successfully manage three boards. (I'm fairly sure I completely missed a number or two each round.) I have decided one of the keys to me personally managing five or more boards at once would be to decrease the number of kindergartners sitting all around me asking after every single number called what the last number called was. Or I could figure out how to decrease the number of times they repeated every number called, so that I can actually hear what numbers were being called. I think having said kindergartners decrease the number of times they incorrectly repeated the numbers could also be helpful.

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