Day 97: I just sent him to get his pajamas

Yeah, I should know better than to ever let him out of my sight by now. I don't learn quickly.

He was helping Azia and me work on projects upstairs and then told me he was tired.  I told him to go get pjs & I'd help him get dressed for bed.

About five minutes later he came back so excited.

"Hey! Hey Mom! Look at my blue mustache! I made a blue mustache! And it's blue like these blues on the socks!"

I  guess he got distracted by a blue marker and Azia's striped socks on the way to his closet.

He knows he isn't supposed to draw on himself and that he'd probably get in trouble, but the thing about Lex is he doesn't care. The excitement about things like a blue mustache that perfectly matched some socks he found was just too good to share to care about getting in trouble.

And Azia's response to this wild, naked, marked up boy?

She looked at him and then said completely seriously, "He really should probably have a blue goatee too if he's going to have a mustache like that."

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