Day 96: Another project for Azia

I love this old (1963 copyright) Woman's Day pattern book I found at some second hand store a few years ago. It has dozens of really simple little patterns for stuffed toys. Azia has used it a few different times to make things or get ideas.
It's 11:30 at night (which is very late for Azia--my one non-night owl in the family) and she is still up sewing away. She realized last night our friends' daughter's birthday is this weekend and she's been planning since last night to figure out something to make. She settled on an abstract sort of owl. She even used (kind of) a pattern which is a new thing for her. After she finishes sewing on all her little embellishments and do dads she also wants to sew it together with the sewing machine, which she's also only done a few times. She usually just sews everything by hand. I think I might have to make her take a break and do that part in the morning. Her eyes are looking a little droopy!

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