Day 85: Basketball Boys

These two have been really into basketball lately...at least the idea of basketball. They don't get around to the actual playing very often. (Maybe because the little hoop is somewhere out buried in the snow.) Today all three of the little boys were sitting playing with games on the floor and then I realized only Ethen was beside me and these two had been gone longer than it would take to just go grab the blocks they went to the room for. As I got close to Lex's room I could hear them talking about finding their basketball shoes. They were both sitting on the floor (already changed into basketball shorts) trying to figure out how to tie their shoes. After I helped them lace up they were ready to find the basketballs. After they started playing they realized they didn't have jerseys so they ran back into the room to pick some out.  When they came back out Lex pointed to his number 42, "This means team." 
He also explained, pointing to his 42, "I’m three" and pointing to his partner's #1,  "Sage is four." Ethen, who hadn't been in on anything up until this point & had no jersey was assigned number sixteen. Then Lex changed his mind,  "No, no. Ethen is 20, I mean."

Only he said "ton-eee" so it took me a while to figure out what Ethen's number was. After that they seemed to veer off-track. Lex next went back for his belt. Then he came out with a fleece Patagonia vest. Next Sage came out with a leather bomber jacket. Then they found mittens. That reminded them that they wanted to go outside. So, it was on to the next thing. 

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