Day 75: a little middle-of-the-night madness

So I finally got around to making everyone's Christmas  Eve PJs...at like 2am. This really isn't a good time to start when you have six people to outfit. Also, it means you can't measure anyone since everyone is sleeping. That's a bit problematic when sewing without any patterns. Hopefully, at least the little kids' fit since they're the only ones who'll actually wear them.

I realize black skulls are probably not typical Christmas-holiday-fabric, but I live with a lot of boys here. Just the fact that they all match is really pushing it...I don't think I have enough powers of persuasion to pull of candy cane & Rudolph prints with my crew.  But, the cool part is all of this (minus some of Azia's pink embellishments) was under $20. The supplies were one of my only Black Friday purchases, but you can't beat outfitting this many people for that price.

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