Day 28: Disorganization

This is what the desktop on my laptop looks like. It drives me insane & is a good sign that I'm way behind once again. I don't like more than one (or maybe two) folders on this screen. But I get in a hurry and then just save things on the desktop so I'll remember to file it right away when I turn on the computer the next time. Obviously that doesn't always work out.  I just tried to switch the background photo to the Halloween jail breakers and see if the chaos of files was less noticeable. It didn't work. I have stuff on here for presentations and projects all the way back to the end of August. Last month I just started using the other computer instead of dealing with this because now it's going to take me an hour or two to sort through and dump or file everything. Adding it to my to-do list right now...if I could only find that to-do list here on the desktop somewhere...

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