Day 29: Thankful Tree

We made a big tree to keep track of all the things we're thankful for this month. We got it up a few days late, but the kids liked creating it and punching out our first basket of leaves to write things on.

Zoran did have a breakdown when he couldn't pinpoint precisely what "thankful" meant. It wasn't exactly "things that make you happy" and not quite "things you are really glad you have in your life" and not quite any of the other two dozen similes I tried to come up with to make it clear. When we'd talked about examples of things he was thankful for it made sense to him, but then when he'd try to repeat a definition he could never quite come up with one that satisfied him. Zoran was adamant that he could not participate until he had it all figured out exactly. (Which I actually kind of like about Zoran even if it makes me crazy in the moment.) After fifteen minutes or so we did come to some understanding, I think. He was able to come up with some ideas about what he was thankful for and it no longer seems stressful. He's added things like "hunting with Dad" and "basketball" so I think he probably is on the right track. Now the only stress is fitting what he has to write on those little asymmetrical leaves & getting all the words straight and spelled correctly. (It sometimes takes him three tries to get one he'll agree to put up.) Of course nothing about this is stressful to Azia. She would probably spend all evening writing on leaves and papering our entire livingroom with them. Although it would not take her all evening because she is sort of super-craft-girl. I'm not sure if Lex totally gets the point (today he was thankful for "leaves" because he had a leaf to write on) but unlike Zoran, he really could care less if he's following any rules or guidelines.

Israel's probably mainly thankful he misses much of this drama due to after-school basketball practice, but I should remind him to keep putting his up there, too.

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