Day 26: Mia

Mia taking her afternoon nap in the sun this afternoon (with her fall sweater).
Mia moved out today. Dev decided yesterday we shouldn't have any pets. (This has always been my thought, but he kept bringing them home.) I guess he talked to Mar about taking Mia, but I didn't know he was actually taking her away until he told me this evening he was taking my car to go drop her off. Kind of sad. I really like Mia. I shampooed all my rugs and both couches this evening and I also really like the idea that they might both be clean when I get up. I really don't like her peeing all over the couch in my office or pooping in the boys rooms. Or her tearing apart every new carpet I buy. Or destroying all the rolls of toilet paper in the house. She needs constant attention (to monitor all these behaviors) and to keep her company. She goes crazy if she's alone for even a few hours. So, she'll probably be happy living with their dog Diamond (her sister). If I could hire her a 24 hour dog-nanny I'd like to keep her around. Israel is pretty sad, but said the only good part was that she was staying with Mar so he could still see her all the time. I didn't talk to Azia but I'm surprised she didn't care. She and Israel fight every night about who Mia is going to sleep with. She tries to take her with us everywhere. Zoran doesn't really care. He doesn't like the mess she makes in his room and Dev promised him fish so he thinks it's a good deal. Of course I really don't even want to deal with fish at this point. Someone still has to clean those tanks, too. I always seem to be the "someone" by default.

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