Halloween 2010

Azia-Rain aka Wonderwoman
Lex the Firefighter. (At least that's what he was this time around when it was time to put on costumes.)

Zoran the werewolf.

  I didn't ever get a photo of all the kids together. I didn't even get any of Israel in costume really. But he hardly ever wore a costume and each time we went somewhere he put on something different. Lex did too actually. For the second year in a row he just refused to wear a costume when it was time to go somewhere that would normally involve costumes. He was no problems with them any other time of year.
I did get this photo of all my kids together. Kind of. But this is exactly what happens whenever I try to take a photo. They just run away. I do think the jail outfits are kind of fitting.
And sticking with the Lex as stubborn and annoying child theme. This is what he has done to nearly every pumpkin anywhere near our house. He smashes them: throws them off the deck, kicks them down the hill, hits them with a hammer...really whatever works to destroy them. 
After we had all the kids in the matching inmate outfits Saturday evening,  they went to a party up at the church.
Lex liked the bobbing for apples
Zoran like the intense game of musical chairs.

Azia liked the face painting
All the kids liked the trunk or treat afterwards.
After the kids were done Saturday night, Dev and I went to an adult party. There were all sorts of fancy wines for the wine tasting. I don't drink wine, but it seems like I should at least know something about them when I go out with groups of English teachers. It seems like they all really like their wine.

And of course there was trick or treating...at least to a handful of houses.


  1. The jailer costumes are just adorable!!!! Looks like everyone had a great time!

  2. I liked all of the photos but I really LOVED the one of the kids running away from the camera on the street. Looked like they were escaping from jail :) Nice photos.

  3. Great costumes. I love wonder woman. The inmates on the run is my favorite shot... hysterical!

  4. Oooohhhh

    The inmates on the run is my favorite, too!

  5. Great pictures! I love the fleeing jailbirds!