K-1 Soccer- Mission v. Charlo

I loaded this photos after the game last week & then apparently forgot to go back and actually publish the page. The kindergarten/first grader played Charlo last week. It was fun to watch because although we weren't really evenly matched (I think both Mady & Zoran scored 3 goals in the first quarter-- to their zero-- while Charlo was using a goalie and Mission wasn't...we hardly ever even went down to the Mission end of the field.) But, this meant it was a much more fun match up for some of the more timid or younger players. A lot of them were much more into it and aggressive than they had been in earlier games.

Zoran didn't actually play that much (though apparently I still took a bunch of photos). Him and Mady were pretty tense just watching from the sidelines and not going in!  They handled it well though. No complaining at all, and they were ready to go right away when they did go in.
And i don't know this kid, but he would not stop grabbing Zoran! Actually there were like three of the who played like this!

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